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They worked good for us for a good many years until it finally got to the 
point I clouldn't buy parts for it anymore.  It was a lot cheaper to operate than 
the Modine I replaced it with.  We only heat buildings to start plants in 
early March, it just doesn't pay for use to try to grow in the cold Iowa winters. 
 We need a break from the growing in the winters to all the livestock work 
caught up.  We raise and sell fresh lamb in the summer markets and with 12 acres 
of vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, and hand woven products.  Also we have 20 
acres of hay, 40 acres of corm,  20 acres of oats, and some years I plant 
soybeans,and the balance of our farm is pasture.  Like you I don't raise any hogs 
but we use to have quite a few sows and did intensive farrowing, every three 
weeks we farrowed 40 sows.  Took a lot of winter energy to keep those farrowing 
houses warm, I don't miss it at all.
We use three hoophouses here mostly for early lettuce and extention of room 
for our greenhouse which gets overwhelled very quickly when we get going on our 
early plantings.  We hire O labor, if we can't find the time to get it done 
it just doesn't get done.  We tried using outside labor and it just never 
really ever worked out.  I'M not going to pay someone to sit in the field  and flip 
their hair or get lost in the Corn field for a half a day.
If I could find good LB white heaters in My area I would probably be using 
them today but new one's are very high, and I can find Modine Heaters  for 
around $200 so that works for me.
Phil from Iowa
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