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Another thought - If you'll be doing much marketing through the internet, having a name with what you sell in it (Joe's Herb Farm, Windy Hill Strawberry Farm, Justahilly Farm Fresh Produce) and getting a domain name (e.g., www.MarysLavenderFarm.com) with that name in it, will help tremendously with your ranking with internet search engines.  
Cheryl DeBerry
DeBerry Farm
www.DeBerryFarm.com (I didn't know this when I got our domain name!)

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We were Thyme For Ewe for the first 13 years of business.  In the beginning I grew herbs for farms and my partner raised sheep. Thyme for me, Ewe for her....you get it.  I kept the name when we split up to keep the friendship.  We are now Seasons Eatings Farm.  We're four season producers.
Changing names was hard.  I grow very few herbs now and we've never had a ewe on this farm.   We needed something that reflects what we do now.  It took me a long time to come up with something that is ridiculously obvious!  

Robin Follette
Seasons Eatings Farm
Talmadge, ME
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> Regards to the list:
> Our farm has been in the family over 100 years. It was mortgaged from the
> time my grandfather bought the first 40 acres in the late 1800's until the
> 1940's when my mom and dad paid off their mortgage with strawberry sales. At
> one time they had 15 acres of strawberries. They had no phone, so they
> communicated with customers by post card. Cards would arrive in our mailbox
> addressed to The Strawberry Man, Tindall, MO. This was before any of the
> roads were named and the dirt road that goes by here became known as
> Strawberry Lane. So, when we bought the place, the name Strawberry Lane Farm
> seemed appropriate. We considered WYAO (Work Your A$$ Off) Farm, but decided
> it was too negative. People call it Strawberry Hill Farm a lot but we don't
> mind. We are hoping that strawberry sales will pay off our mortgage too. 
> I would like to hear from Liz Pike on naming her various farms over the
> years. They sounded wonderful!
> Marie in Missouri where we've having fall weather already.
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