[Market-farming] 5. (no subject) (Jason Jones)

Ploughshare gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
Mon Aug 25 13:59:33 EDT 2008

An ideal chisel plow would be one that would "lift" the soil a bit.  This 
affect helps feed the deeper levels of the soil with air, water, nutrients, 
and organism, allowing the roots of the following crops to reap the 
benefits..  They do not work well for incorporating crops into the soil.  We 
use our chisel plow in the fall after we have disced down a crop.  In the 
spring we also use our disc to incorporate the cover crops.  With rye we may 
have to disc 3 times and it may take 3 weeks to fully break down enough to 
be able to plant the next crop.
--Gary Brever

> Is anyone using a chisel plow for primary tillage?  If so, how does it
> do with standing cover crops?  For example, when I have a rye / vetch
> cover that I decide not to mow before incorporating, I use the moldboard
> to knock the cover down.  I have a feeling the chisel would not have a
> similar impact and am curious what the outcome would be on a standing
> crop like that.  Please let me know your experiences with a chisel plow
> and compare it to other types of plows you have or have used.  Thanks,

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