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Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
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We kept the name that was here, Limerock Orchards but added 'and Roadside Market.'  The name came from all the limestone in the soil.  

We figured the name made sense, was/is well-known around here, had two small signs already painted, could be passed along to the hopefully next owner/farmer, and added the roadside market part to more fully describe our tiny operation.  (Fruit stand just didn't cut it.)  

Biggest problem is folks still think it is 'Limerick' somehow after our 12 years and the previous owner's 20 years.  

Limerock Orchards

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  In trying to name our farm, we've created dozens of lists, then crossed them all out again; thought we'd settled on something, tried it out, then the next felt it was too cheezy. Can anyone give insight into how you named your places? We could really use some inspiration.
  Jaime, in sunny CA

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