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Roots Farm & Karen Sutherland rootsfarm at cwdom.dm
Sun Aug 24 16:05:49 EDT 2008

Our name: "Roots Farm" brought together a lot of past and present:  My 
past involvement with an urban ag project in Holyoke, MA called Nuestras 
Raices ("Our Roots"); our farming style which generally tries to utilize 
old-timey wisdom (back to our roots); the importance of the soil life 
--the medium for plant roots; even my partner's hair style (dreadlocks 
aka "roots").   Also, in our first years we also grew a lot of ground 
provisions -- root crops.  Name seemed a little funny at first, now 
feels good/right.  I like that it's earthy and short, easy to say, 
spell, remember. 

Best wishes to all,


Karen Sutherland

Roots Farm

Organic Produce

Fruits, Roots, Vegetables & Herbs

Cockrane, Dominica


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Garth & Kim Travis wrote:
> Greetings,
> Our property is named: The Rose Colored Forest, but it was bald pasture 
> when we bought it.  Our logo shows a pair of rose colored glasses, with 
> the way it was on the outside of the glasses, and what we want seen 
> through the lenses.  We are a pair of dreamers.
> We have had some problems with the name, but that is their problem. 
> People will hear what they want to hear, you can't change them.
> Besides, Travis farm/ranch or whatever is too common in Texas and didn't 
> seem right for a pair of Canadians.<grin>.
> Bright Blessings,
> Kim
> Roni wrote:
>> Our property is surrounded by planted pines.  We named our farm 
>> "Whispering Pines" for the sound the wind makes through the trees.
>> Roni
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