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> In trying to name our farm, we've created dozens of lists, then 
> crossed them all out again; thought we'd settled on something, tried 
> it out, then the next felt it was too cheezy. Can anyone give insight 
> into how you named your places? We could really use some inspiration.
>  Jaime, in sunny CA

I considered a name that would have meant nothing, without explanation, 
to anybody but me and a few friends; but decided I might have to keep 
explaining it to people, and that this would be a nuisance.

I considered the name of the hill that it's on; but there are a lot of 
farms on this hillside, and the name of the hill, while it does have 
one, isn't generally used.

The only name the place seemed to have been known by before I bought it 
was the name of the previous owners, which wasn't distinctive: "the 
Smith place". My last name isn't particularly distinctive, either; and 
I didn't feel like using my first name for the farm's name. Also, 
whoever has it after me will probably have a different name.

So, this is the last place on a dead end road. Dead End Farm obviously 
wouldn't work; but I like Road's End Farm. (Depending on my mood, this 
can get amplified: Road's End Farm, no need to go farther; or 
sometimes, Road's End Farm: the road starts here, too.)

Look around at your farm. Is there something specific about it that you 
can use for a name? (Of course, you may already have lots of such 
things on your lists.)

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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