[Market-farming] Naming the gardens...

cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Sat Aug 23 20:53:00 EDT 2008

We went through the same thing when we got started. We'd come up with something we thought was so clever, and then after thinking it over, we would think, oh my gosh that sounds ridiculous! So... we went nameless. Until we joined our current market and under those by-laws, we had to have a name. So, we just used our last name. Boring. Not creative in the least. But, my husband is a professor at the university and his name is "known" in this area. And, we hope to build this into something we can leave our son someday and that he will take some pride in his name and the farm. When the people around here see any advertising we do, or when we pass out coupons or business cards, they at least know who we are. Sort of.
There are some really creative, great named farms out there!
Maness Farm
Perkins, OK

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