[Market-farming] Fun thoughts

Ploughshare gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
Sat Aug 23 12:52:56 EDT 2008

Not neccessarily in this order.
1.  Nice irrigation system
2. cultivators (several)--tine weeder, basket weeder and an aggressive 3 
point cultivator ( I am also looking at the Regi weeder). flamer
3.waterwheel transplanter. planet jr gang planter, mulch layer
4. walk-in cooler, packing house equipment (ie. barrel washer, dunk tanks, 
scales, wash line)
5. greenhouse
6. subsoiler, drill for cover crops (a 6ft drill would be nice in order to 
just do a bed at a time), manure spreader
7.lots of harvest crates, knives, pruners
8.undercutter (this is an essential tool for digging root crops and 
undercutting plastic mulch in fall)
9.  An experienced crew!!!!! 

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