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One very useful tool if you are going to pack a lot of vegetables for a wholesale or large retail market is a packing line. With a washer brusher, sponge dryer, and revolving sorting table. I bought mine back when I sold a lot of stuff at the produce auction... Bob.
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Imagine for a moment that you have been given a small farm, 50 acres or
so, and an unlimited amount of money to purchase the equipment you need
to grow fruit and vegetables.  What would you buy and why?  Which pieces
of equipment do you have or have you seen used, that would make your
operation run that much better.  Think tillage, seeding, cultivation,
harvest, and processing.      
I know this is a lot like sitting around wasting time thinking about
what you would do with the millions you could win from the lottery, but
there is an aim.  Our CSA is considering a significant amount of growth
and we may, in the future, be able to purchase some equipment to
accommodate some of the growth.  We currently use a 80 hp tractor,
moldboard plow and 6' roto-tiller for our tillage; we have a plastic
laying bed maker, broadcast seeder and a couple of mowers.  I am
interested especially in those pieces of equipment you think you could
not do without and those things you know would help you increase your
productivity.  Thanks in advance for your input.          

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