[Market-farming] Edamame

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Wed Aug 20 11:01:41 EDT 2008

Regards to the list:

We grow edamame (except this year it drowned) but we had trouble selling the
whole plants like that in past years. So, we started pulling the plants,
picking off the pods and putting them in clear clamshells. They sold like
hotcakes! We noticed that lots of the pods weren't quite ready, so we
started picking the filled ones in the field and letting the smaller ones
mature and picked them again later for more yields. I believe we got $4.00 a
pint for certified organic. It was a lot easier to pull the plants and sit
under a shade tree to pick the pods!

Marie in Missouri

Is anyone growing Edamame? We are trying some for the 1st time this year,
and it is ready for harvest. We are thinking about cutting the whole plant,
doing a quick rinse to remove dirt/mud and selling it as is. Is anyone doing
this? Pricing? I think I can get two dollars a stem at our market.
Carla Maness

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