[Market-farming] Sunflower varieties

Carol W. Larsen sunborn at mhtc.net
Sat Aug 16 00:42:19 EDT 2008

 Some of the best Sunflowers
Procut orange, in fact the entire Procut series are great with short crop
times typically 55 to 65 days
Sunbeam, it has a green center and mucho petals with a lot of substance
Sunrich Orange and Sunrich Orange Summer (10 days to 2 wks earlier), very
dark centers nice orange color
Sunrich Gold has a green center
Joker, a good bi-color for the fall. Nice also is the Procut Mahogany
These can be succession planted throughout the season. All are pollenless,
non- branching and not too pricy. There are some nice branching Sunflowers
out there but you have to pinch them and I never get around to it at the
right time. I really planned out my Sunflower schedule this year and it is
really panning out. Since July I have had a new crop of about 100 to 200
plants coming in every week and will until frost. Netting is necessary for
me too ... The varieties mentioned will get 5 to 7 feet tall depending on
rain etc. I hate to have them fall over in a downpour with wind just as the
heads are getting heavy. However we haven't had any rain since sometime in
the middle of July so they all look beautiful now. 
Carol Larsen
Sunborn Gardens



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