[Market-farming] Mowing Sudex (Alternate title: be careful what you wish for)

Gordon Sacks gordon.r.sacks at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 08:51:50 EDT 2008

I planted Sudex (Sudan Grass/sorghum) for the first time as a cover
crop/green manure on our clay loam soil with the goals of building biomass.

I read that mowing Sudex when it's 3-4 feet tall stimulates root growth, so
I was planning to bush hog it at that height. But it's been so wet that I
haven't been able to get out in the fields, and the plants are now a good
seven feet high.

1. Should I just let it grow until I'm ready to cut it up and till it under?
2. If I cut it now, will it stimulate root growth? Will it regrow? I wasn't
planning to put in a winter cover crop for another month or so.

Upstate New York location, if that matters. Thanks for any guidance.

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