[Market-farming] basil pricing

Errol Castens castens at nepower.coop
Thu Aug 7 16:05:24 EDT 2008

Tom at Limerock Orchards said:
> This is our first year with enough basil to sell.
> What is a fair price for basil at our roadside market and also to
> restaurants?

At markets that allow value-added items, try selling basil butter. (Also
rosemary, garlic, sage, etc., butter.) We tried hard to sell basil and
other herbs by offering tastes of them blended into butter, but almost
nobody wanted to buy them - they wanted to buy the butter already made!
Being the sharp people we are, it didn't take us but about three weeks and
a few dozen requests before we realized we could sell the heck out of herb
butter even if we couldn't sell herbs.


Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi
Zone 7-ish

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