[Market-farming] enforcing market hours

Paul Wiediger wiediger at windstream.net
Sat Aug 2 20:32:49 EDT 2008

We used to participate in a market (mostly resellers that only had the labor
of driving to pick up their produce the day before rather than harvesting)
that started at 6:00 AM and it still had that problem.  Vendors and
customers wanted to start buying at 5:30, or 5:00!  It doesn't seem to
matter when a market opens, some vendors and some customers just want to be
first!  Our current producer-only market opens at 7:00 because we are
regional and draw from several counties and want everyone to have time to
drive in and get set up.  Our rules say no sales before 7:00 so everyone has
the same chance to sell, and we have a few vendors who seem to think the
rule doesn't apply to them.  So, this winter, the board will discuss it
again, and see what we can do.  However, most follow the rule, and peer
pressure helps keep most of the others in line. If you have a large customer
base that needs to buy before they go to work at 7:00, a change in start
time might be a wise way to go.  If it's just a handful, maybe the vendor
could utilize an order and delivery system instead.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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start the market at 6am

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