[Market-farming] Cold Frames vs Greenhouse

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Thu Nov 29 21:12:30 EST 2007


AgraTech is one of the oldest in the business, have not heard anything but 
good about them. Their Agra Lock for attaching poly is one of my 
favorites.Roll up sides are great,  as I had a spare fan here when I did my 
roll sided house I put one in, and found it usefull (though not 
necessary)when I had to be away.

Greenhouse vs coldframe is a regional (sometimes a mile apart regions) 
definition, I use cold frame for simpler, cheaper houses that dont have any 
engineering behind them and greenhouse from makers who can supply an 
engineers stamp on a document as to wind and snow loads.

I had 2 17 x 96 coldframes,(the sellers term for them) each with a 3' 
exhaust fan and a Miller 86K furnace (refugees from moblie homes) which did 
a super job of growing and probaby made me more dollars than any house I 
have owned. Here those used trailor furnaces go for about 200 and you can 
make a metal base, I made a poly tube from 4'wide poly and lots of staples, 
which ran 80' under the bench to circulate heat.

An electric heat mat for 1 flat will do what you need for starting out stuff 
like tomatoes and peppers.


(site for demonstration only)

For vine crops that are direct seeded and take up lots of space I used a 4 x 
16 bench with a sheet of poly which reached the floor on all sides that made 
a skirt and enclosed an electric heater, a probe type thermostat,  another 
layer of poly and a layer of window screen to cover the seed flats as 
germinating cucumbers will attract every mouse within a mile.

Good luck and good growing, anything we can do, just yell.


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