[Market-farming] Cold Frames vs Greenhouse

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I do basically the same thing. Germinate in the basement with lights and heat mats.  Then when transplanted into pots, transfer to the cold frame.  Flats are out on tables during the day, at night they are under the tables and the tables are covered with a couple layers of poly (the old beat up stuff that I saved).  I put a heat source under the tables.  It's still plenty cold at night in Colorado in the spring so I have to insulate well -- thus the tables and layers of plastic. Beth's tent system sounds intriguing though. A neat trick for a heat source is strings of C8 and C9 Christmas lights as the heat source.  They give off quite a bit of heat and the heat is distributed along the string of lights. Not sure they would work where the volume of the space they are heating is very large -- mine tends to be not too high or wide as I'm under the tables.  

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  How do most people germinate flats such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants
  when temperatures are cool in unheated tunnels?

  Messy, but in the basement under grow lights, with heat mats.

  Then, we build a plastic tent, suspended from the perlins, in the hoophouse
  and put a portable heater in that. We do have an oil furnace (air) now and
  build that into the tent. 

  The "tent" is a large sheet of  plastic, with fist-size rocks (could be
  tennis balls, etc) placed under the plastic at the purlins, and fence wire
  wrapped around the plastic and rock, with a hook bent to hang from the
  purlin. Hard to describe, but simple and works. We can raise two sides to
  the unheated part of the hoophouse for cooling if needed. 

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