[Market-farming] Cold Frames vs Greenhouse

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Thu Nov 29 10:17:26 EST 2007

 How do most people germinate flats such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants
when temperatures are cool in unheated tunnels?

Messy, but in the basement under grow lights, with heat mats.

Then, we build a plastic tent, suspended from the perlins, in the hoophouse
and put a portable heater in that. We do have an oil furnace (air) now and
build that into the tent. 

The "tent" is a large sheet of  plastic, with fist-size rocks (could be
tennis balls, etc) placed under the plastic at the purlins, and fence wire
wrapped around the plastic and rock, with a hook bent to hang from the
purlin. Hard to describe, but simple and works. We can raise two sides to
the unheated part of the hoophouse for cooling if needed. 

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY

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