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Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Mon Nov 26 19:15:44 EST 2007

Well, I feel dumb. :)

I guess I have no clue what a Co-Op is.

So let me try to define this then.

An individual acts as the go between.  That person heads the "co- 
op" (for lack of a better term right now).  THis person is the  
contact between a small group of people and the farmer(s).

Its not a CSA but it involves a group of people that purchase produce  
as a group.  Each week they are sent a list of available foods/items/ 
goods.  They then choose product and quantity and the goods arrive  
for them to distribute among members.  No money is put down with the  
possible exception of a membership or a deposit for totes.

On the grower/supplier's end each week you get a list to fill.

That is the rough concept.  The buyers can pic up the food or have it  
delivered at a central location.  The payments are received upon  
delivery.  Old totes are replaced with full ones.

No money is exchanged prior to a season.  There are no shares and is  
flexible for the buyers regardless of family size of needs.

So, now, what do I call this?  Is there a name for it?

Thanks everyone for helping out so far.

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