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Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Mon Nov 26 14:44:33 EST 2007

Has anyone on the list been testing out the info in the SPIN Farming guides?  
Small Plot INtensive Farming
If so, which ones are the most useful?  If it helps in answering the question I am experienced with biointensive, permaculture, row gardening, and square foot gardening.  I have minimal experience with  lasagne gardening, gardening with straw mulch, olla desert gardening, waffle gardening, and Fukuoka style farming.

Also on another list, someone mentioned a general SPIN Farming elist a few weeks ago.  I emailed her fof info but haven't heard back about its name or how to join.  Anyone else know of it?

For anyone who hasn't run across this, it's a way to farm intensively and efficiently on small plots of land with basic handtools and possibly a good tiller, and grow high quality food for direct to consumer production.  Fot some good pictures and explanations see the passalong link on the main page--box in second row with brown background currently.  The pictures can be slow to load some days

gordonse at one.net
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