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Do you want to start and run a co-op or just sell to one.  If you are going
to run one, it will be a full time job.
I sell direct wholesale to several in the Philadelphia area, but I could not
tell you how to run one.  Here a links to a few in Philly to see how they


I deliver to all the above and they make very good customers. I am familiar
with Cincinnati and it should have several co-ops and if it doesn't, it
could support them very well if run correctly.  Hope this helps.

Maury Sheets

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I have been kicking around the idea of a co-ops.  I have several  
ideas on how I would like to run one (or supply one) if I got  
started, but I was curious if anyone had some general knowledge or  
ideas they would like to share.  I am lucky enough to have a farm 20  
minutes from about 1.5 million people and would like to develop some  
co-op concepts around hi-density living areas, like downtown condos  
and the like.

I have the hauling/delivery ability and the equipment but not the  
organization or the experience with such an operation (even if its a  
more traditional co-op) and I'd like to hear other people's ideas.   
I'd be more than happy to go into detail about what I'd like to do,  
but that might not match reality, so I was hoping to gleam some  
information from some of you before I really opened my mouth.

I guess this could be considered a parallel to the current CSA thread.

Thank you!

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