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Richard:  A couple of thoughts, but they may not work in your area.  Our Farmer's Union has a coop specialist on their staff who advises on the formation of coops.  If you have a FArmer's Union you could check with them.  The Farm Credit System has a Bank for Cooperatives and though they're mainly there to fund coops, they may be a resource for the formation and running of coops.

Good luck.

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  First of all, hello!  My name is Richard and I manage Carriage House  
  Farm.  I am located just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.  We are currently  
  in a transitional state.  We have been, for the last 150 years a  
  traditional and single crop farm with non-food related diversity  
  (such horse boarding, baling hay, and a small sawyer business) and we  
  are currently shifting part of our production and energies over to  
  larger scale produce farming.  My goal is to be certified organic in  
  the next three to four years and have kept fairly extensive data on  
  what I have done to this point.

  I have been kicking around the idea of a co-ops.  I have several  
  ideas on how I would like to run one (or supply one) if I got  
  started, but I was curious if anyone had some general knowledge or  
  ideas they would like to share.  I am lucky enough to have a farm 20  
  minutes from about 1.5 million people and would like to develop some  
  co-op concepts around hi-density living areas, like downtown condos  
  and the like.

  I have the hauling/delivery ability and the equipment but not the  
  organization or the experience with such an operation (even if its a  
  more traditional co-op) and I'd like to hear other people's ideas.   
  I'd be more than happy to go into detail about what I'd like to do,  
  but that might not match reality, so I was hoping to gleam some  
  information from some of you before I really opened my mouth.

  I guess this could be considered a parallel to the current CSA thread.

  Thank you!

  Richard Stewart
  Carriage House Farm
  North Bend, Ohio

  An Ohio Century Farm Est. 1848

  (513) 967-1106
  rstewart at zoomtown.com<mailto:rstewart at zoomtown.com>

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