[Market-farming] CSA start-up- CSA vs FM

Jim and Julie Vaughn jvaughn at rockygladefarm.com
Mon Nov 26 14:09:42 EST 2007

We sell at our local Farmers Market during the summer and do a 15 member CSA
during the winter(biweekly to make hoophouse growth and to have downtime).
About 1/4 of the CSA box is choice driven and we are in a growth area so
pick-up at the farm works.  After several years of doing winter orders with
pick-up at the market location, the CSA simplifies our winter growing in
several ways:  almost no missed pick-ups, more produce sold per customer($25
in the CSA versus $10 with delivery), and CSA members become much more
knowledgeable and invested in our farm.  Another big benefit has been not
"counting" all the types of lettuces to balance orders and produce in the

A niche we're going to try this summer is a "simply summer CSA" to match our
peak season and crops.  It will be less then 20% of our production to guard
against a drought year like 2007.  There are several well done long season
CSAs in our area and this would be more for people that want their summer
favorites for the main summer season.

Again the growth in our area makes on-farm sales work well and CSA let's us
sell on the farm without having a farm stand that's open all week.  The CSA
part of the farm balances the workload and helps create more farm partners,
which all small farms need.


Jim, Julie, Dylem and Caleb Vaughn
Rocky Glade Farm
2397 Rocky Glade Road
Eagleville, Tn 37060
jvaughn at rockygladefarm.com

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