[Market-farming] High Value CRops was CSA start-up

Sean Albiston lab at physics.umn.edu
Mon Nov 26 14:06:56 EST 2007

I do red ace, golden and chioggia.  Sell them individually for
$3.50/bunch, sometimes mixed for a bit more.  Generally 4-7 beets per
bunch, depending on size.  The chioggia are the toughest to grow well, and
the least desired by customers.


>>I'm always amazed at how profitable and easy beets can be.
> Sean - What do you get for beets? And what varieties do you grow? I
> agree: people WANT beets!
> Alison - What do you ask for mesclun and spinach? Yes, spinach is
> 'making it' for us in this late season! -Allan

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