[Market-farming] High Value CRops was CSA start-up

Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Mon Nov 26 13:38:39 EST 2007

Easy and lucrative are often mutually exclusive.  If it was easy 
everyone would do it.  So easy & lucrative usually only works for a few 
years until others figure out how to grow the fruit or vegetable and 
prices start to come down. 

What works for me in terms of items which offer a reasonable return and 
bring people to the farm stand or help in membership retention with the 
CSA are:

Sungold cherry tomatoes


Allan Balliett wrote:
> Alison (and everyone)
> I'd like to hear more about "high value crops." You mentioned 
> mesclun, which works for us, and lettuce, which most definitely 
> doesn't. (Even though our heads are heirloom and beautiful)
> What else do you find works in your area?
> For us, at the local market, green beans and strawberries made the season.
> I'd like to hear about things that are 'easier' and more lucrative!
> -Allan
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