[Market-farming] High Value Crops was CSA start-up

Wiediger, Alison alison.wiediger at hart.kyschools.us
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Hello Allan,

Spinach - which we sell like our mesclun at mesclun prices, tomatoes -
especially mixed cherry varieties and early slicers from the tunnels,
summer squash - planted every four weeks and of top notch quality,
gourmet quality potatoes that we can charge a higher price for,
flowers,flowers,flowers.  And, I must say, we have spent many years
selling only the best quality, building customer base.  We see many
vendors selling at lower prices at our market, but our quality keeps
bringing folks back to our booth.  We NEVER lowered our price on
tomatoes this year, and at times were getting double the price of some
others and selling out.  It does take time and effort to build that
customer base, but it is worth it to us.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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Alison (and everyone)

I'd like to hear more about "high value crops." You mentioned 
mesclun, which works for us, and lettuce, which most definitely 
doesn't. (Even though our heads are heirloom and beautiful)

What else do you find works in your area?

For us, at the local market, green beans and strawberries made the

I'd like to hear about things that are 'easier' and more lucrative!

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