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Mon Nov 26 09:43:14 EST 2007

You are getting excellent information from others.  We started with a CSA in Wichita 17 years ago and operated it for 10 years.  Ours was small - 20-30 members and it used the format of a "subscription service."  Approximately 10 lbs. per week at $2/lb.  The subscription service operated for 24 weeks each year.  The payments where broken up into four equal payments, although many paid for the whole year up front.  It was another deadline that we had to meet, so after 10 years we elected to drop the subscription service and focus on restaurant accounts and 2 farmers markets.  The subscription service was one of the starting tools for us and served us well for 10 years.  Many of those original customers are still with us today.  Might point out that we started with a more aggressive approach the first year and backed off the next year.  I wish you good luck.  
  Wichita, KS

frshstrt at baldwin-telecom.net wrote:
  Hi Everyone, I'm toying with the thought of starting a small CSA. For 
those of you who do this- I need to know how many weeks, how much cost 
per share and about how much per week in that share. Any hints are 
helpful. Thanks, Lu in Wisconsin
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