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We started a new  market in a town of 25,000 this year. Membership was $35,
seasonal stall fees $10/week or $15/daily. Went 20 weeks, so $235 for one
10.x.10 stall. There were 6 of us. Most of the membership fees went to
insurance. We paid half our stall fees to the church whose yard we used. We
have about $300 left to start next year. Everything was done volunteer, and
as the manager I can say if it got much larger, I would need to be paid. We
had great media coverage, but that took time. We put posters up, and that
took time (though some of our customers also downloaded the poster and put
them up for us). One of the smaller vendors didn't pay for several weeks,
which I was OK with except the smallest vendor had paid ahead. I proposed
offering a $10/week season or 10 or 15% daily rate, and the one who didn't
pay said he would rather pay the flat rate in two installments. He did
better as the season progressed and expects to do better next year.  I am
going to offer the one who paid the full year a free year to make up for it
(maple syrup isn't a weekly purchase).
This was modeled on the other market I go to, which has as many as  32
vendors in the height of summer. It's fee schedule is the same. 

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Like some of the others have said - it depends on the situation.  
Our Old Town Farmers' Market in Wichita charges $25 to register.  If you are
a returning vendor you are charged a $10 re-registration fee if paid before
a deadline, $25 if you miss the deadline.  We use a data base to track
vendors and expenses - so there is set up time involved with each vendor for
the season.  
The daily stall fee is $40/stall - 10' x 10' or 10' x 15'.  The price is
reduced to $25/stall if you pay for 4 weeks in advance.  Stall fees are
$20/stall if paid for 12 wks in advance - this would be twice per season.
$5 for an electrical hook up.  
The Old Town Farmers' Market has a Chef demonstration and music each week
through out the season.  The market advertises on a local food radio program
each Saturday morning, along with other media advertising.  Plus other
special programs at market.
The Market manager and assistant managers need to paid - they do a great
job, they should be paid well.  Big advertising budget, garbage to be
considered, rent for location each week $150, insurance, web site, data base
maintenance and supplies.  The Old Town Farmers' Market is located in a
special place and has a festive atmosphere.  
We are also started a mid-week market in the park of a near by town.  Less
expenses - We charge $10/stall each week.  Fortunately we are able to piggy
back the promotion of this market with the Old Town Market.
The market it's self needs to be operated as a business.  Businesses need
cash flow to operate and to be successful.  If the market is being managed
properly, it should be a good experience for all who attend.     

HERBKDR at aol.com wrote:

I was just curious how much your market charges to set up.  Our market just
doubled our entry fees and it seems a bit high to me.  We have a market with
approximately 70 vendors selling at various times throughout the market
season.  It's a great market but so are many others that don't charge as
much.  We now have to pay $400 for two 10 x 10 tent spaces and it must be
paid before January 1 or you cannot sell next season.  The daily set up fee,
for the two spaces, is $40.  
I just think this sounds like a high price for the smaller farmer.  Do any
of you pay an amount like this to sell at your farmers market?


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