[Market-farming] Farmers market fees

road's end farm organic101 at linkny.com
Sat Nov 24 09:31:07 EST 2007

$25 annually plus $5 per market.

However, this is a) a small market in a small town b) run entirely by 
volunteer work, including manager's duties, which are spread out over 
several members c) we don't usually put on music etc. d) we're open air 
and thus have no expenses for keeping up a structure. (A pavilion would 
be great. Unfortunately, there's no possible place to put one up that's 
also close enough for those of our in-village customers who walk to 
market. If there were such a place, I think we'd raise fees to spring 
for one; we could probably get a New York State grant to cover some of 
the cost.)

I think the questions are: where is the money going? do you think 
you're getting your money's worth for it? can you make enough at that 
market to justify the fees? do you have enough to sell that you can 
make that extra amount, and if not can you raise that much to sell next 
year? is there a cheaper market where you could also do as well, 
without having to travel so much further that this will eat up the 

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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