[Market-farming] Farmers market fees

Sue Wells farmersue at hughes.net
Sat Nov 24 08:19:00 EST 2007

I think the Market fees depends on a lot of things. The best market I go to,
the fees are $290, for a 10X10 space. We have music every week, as well as
other events. It is well worth the money. Lots of advertising. 

I know of another market, I don't go to, that charges $600 for the same size
space. I have never been to it. I would like to, but am afraid I can't
handle two super busy markets Saturday and then on Sunday. I am debating it,

The other markets average around $60 for a 10X10 space. Not much
advertising, no music, or rarely music. 

I have come to the conclusion that paying more, gives more. Music and
entertainment adds to the Markets and brings in more customers. It also
gives a check to the Market Manager and then they seem to care more about
the Market.   

Sue Wells



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