[Market-farming] wood for posts - Coppicing?

David Guthrie dguthrie at egyptian.net
Thu Nov 15 17:35:06 EST 2007

Bill, I have read about using the pods produced by honey locust trees as cattle forage, particularly where the honey locusts are in a savannah style pasture.

I have a creek on my farm that's full of honey locust.  They have thorns.  Big thorns.  I understood that it's the black locust that is used for posts and that honey locusts (with thorns, not the ornamental honey locust) would not last in the ground.

If anyone knows info to the contrary I would be interested in how well honey locust would hold up to fence post use.

David Guthrie
(south of Urbana, IL)
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  More tree farming needs to be done for firewood, etc. and for forage crops such as Honey Locusts.  

  I used to use honey locust for firewood. It was a bit dirty but good btu's. How is it used as a forage? Does the wood hold up as posts?


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