[Market-farming] wood for posts - Coppicing?

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I have hauled trucks loads of pressure treating compound to lumber yards
that do the pressure treating.  The product is Sodium Bichromate which is
purple and it is also a poison.

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>Many of the folks I work with who want to be compliant with the organic
>standards don't want to even approach the issue. They'd rather use
>that isn't treated at all so that they don't ever have to deal with it. You
>put a post in for 15-20 years, you don't want rule changes to cause

It's nice to be safe, sure, but it's also nice to not neurotically 
waste time and the money that time represents if the EPA has actually 
fixed this problem. Moreover, many of the traditionally rot resistant 
woods are no longer rot resistant in today's environment. Locust, for 
example. (due to a relatively fungal invader that is almost 
universal, at least it is around here.)

Thanks -Allan
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