[Market-farming] wood for posts - Coppicing?

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 15 08:30:43 EST 2007

>Is anyone out their familiar with this practice, either personally 
>or through an aquaintance?

European permaculture people can probably fill you in on this. UK 
organic farmers  who have visited my farm usually mention 
copicing...that they do it in their woodlot. One claimed it was 
economically well worthwhile for him.

On the organic acceptible posts: are not the current pressure treated 
posts actually ok by USDA standards? I'm talking about the 'new' 
pressure treated wood, the non-organic stuff now also being illegal 
to sell at LOWE's, etc.

I find it strange that we don't really seem to know the status of 
'modern' pressure treated woods. I don't trust the industry, of 
course, but I have been told that the new method overcomes the 
problems inherent in the arsenic woods.


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