[Market-farming] Kate! potato harvest!

Shawnee Flowerfarmer farmingflowers at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 12 19:47:35 EST 2007

Hey Kate and list...remember those Ozette potato sets that we talked about last spring?  I needed them for an 1850's history garden.  We harvested on Sunday, November 5th....68 pounds of potatoes which was quite tremendous for this garden and only historically accurate fertilizers...meaning mostly compost/manure.  
I was amazed at the amount and size of the tubers since they were planted in beds that had a previous life as a gravel parking pad.  I hadn't really hoped for much as the plants seemed small and floppy, and the irrigation depended on spotty volunteer efforts.  But, wow! I have grown many fingerling varieties in better soil and never had a harvest like this.  I have saved 15 lbs for next year's garden.  (Let's see if I can get them through the winter safely)  
The success of the potatoes helped to counter the disappointment of the pumpkin patch.  Heirloom vines set a beautiful crop and then collapsed from wilt as the pumpkins were ripening....and next came the wretched groundhog to chew nearly all the remaining fruit. 
Thanks, Shawnee, zone 5 sort of...

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