[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 58, Issue 1

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Mon Nov 12 12:33:20 EST 2007

> Also, you might in any case want to be cautious about using any
> material with a label telling you not to cut it without a mask, if the
> wood will be where any humans, animals, or crops may be exposed; as the
> materials generally leach out of the wood for some time.
> -- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
> Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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You know, I was thinking about this the other day while winding up my drip
hoses for the winter...had never thought of it before but I'm using the
drip hose made of recycled tires.  Years ago we used to grow tomatoes in
old tires for the extra warmth, but I stopped because I had questions
about just would be leached into the soil from the old tire.  Now my
question is...just what Is leached out of those drip hoses?  Is this
adressed in the organic rule.
                                 Sora at Paradise Valley Organics  zone 5

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