[Market-farming] reselling

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Sat Jun 30 01:00:35 EDT 2007

> I feel this is a slippery slope the board has entered into, allowing any
> reselling for any reason. On the one hand, reselling does mean that the
> products customers expect will be there. On the other hand, reselling
> can be badly abused. And this is an opportunity to educate farmers
> market customers about realities of farming-"we have no apples this week
> because of weather in April".
> Lucy Goodman
> Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
> Eaton, OH
> http://www.boulderbeltfarm.com

I believe it's to be a Farmers market...meaning it's all about the Farmers!
Too bad if the consumers can't get what they want when they want
it...that's the point...how else do they learn about the struggles the
farmer must deal with?

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