[Market-farming] What do you do in a crop loss situation?

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Fri Jun 29 19:36:41 EDT 2007

Brad I have never seen this happen.  We have been through drought's, wind 
storms, hail storms, and just about everything in the past 30 years doing this.  
The market never has dried up on product.  Some Items will just not be there 
for the season, but most customers will really understand.  We do two large 
markets on Saturday and 4 during the week.  The market will be OK but some 
vendors may be gone, and if they are not good managers they normally will not be 
around for the duration.  And another comment, I have never seen or have attended 
a 100% grower market.  The markets we attend have 150 to 250 vendors every 
Saturday, and it is very diverse from food vendor's to meat, pie's, coffee, dog 
biscuits, bread  companies, jewelry, potter's (that is great) , deep fried 
almonds, smossie's, and on and on.  These markets will stay long after the 
college world series and all the downtown art shows and what ever Con Agri can come 
up with across the street from the Market.  OH we have a weekly attendance at 
both markets with very large crowds of people.  We lost everything one year 
when we were sprayed with Banval, we just replanted and had a lot of fall crops 
and lot's of pumpkins.

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