[Market-farming] What do you do in a crop loss situation?

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  We allow our producers to bring products that they do not produce.  They first have to get permission to bring a product and cannot bring a product is there are sufficient supplies of that product locally.  Products have to move from the farm to market without passing through a warehouse and be label as to orgin.  We also lost our peaches and apples this year in a freeze. An Oklahoma vendor is to bring peaches to our market this weekend and our customers will be elated.  We have found that this practice enhances our market and allows vendors to more financially sustainable.  Here is the web address for our rules - http://www.oldtownfarmersmarket.com/Rules_and_Regulations_Page.html .    
  I attended a "producers" only market for 10 years, but have enjoyed this style of marker far more.  The customers enjoy this style of market also - it is far more interesting.
  Hope this helps.
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Brad Bergefurd <bergefurd.1 at osu.edu> wrote:

Was wondering what Markets have done in the past when growing areas have had weather related crop loss situations where the Markets only allow 100% grower produced product to be sold? Do the customers just have to do without the product for the season or are there rules or provisions in place which allow product to be sold that was produced in neighboring counties, from other production areas within the state, or out of state produce to be sold to meet the customers demand?  

For instance here in Ohio we have many farms with close to a total loss of apples and peaches on many farms south of I 70 whereas farms north of I 70 were not hurt and have ample supply of product. However these northern growers will not travel 3 to 4 hours to sell at these Markets that are short on crop. 

I would appreciate any information on how Markets have handled similar situations.  

Thanks for your help!

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