[Market-farming] Farmers Market question

Barbara Miller barbmill2 at verizon.net
Wed Jun 27 12:01:56 EDT 2007

I would keep after your county agent. He needs to support your
market. If you keep asking eventually he will realize that you are
serious, that you are not going away, and it might be in his best
interests to start supporting Ag in his community!
Good luck,
Carla in Oklahoma
He's a good guy really!  He does what he can.  My dh and I are on the 
Extension Board and whenever we meet, the Alliance (which includes the 
market) is on the agenda.  Last yr. he printed 1,000 copies of a producer 
guide that we had worked to put together - the paper, ink and time were 
free - granted we were limited to b/w but he did do it for us.  He's hosted 
most of our meetings and been to even the ones he didn't host.  He's 
one-hundred percent supportive - he just doesn't take the initiative for 
things like farmers' markets - doesn't really know what to do or have the 
time to do it...

Barb Miller
Tioga County, PA

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