[Market-farming] Farmers Market question

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Tue Jun 26 19:54:42 EDT 2007

>I guess it's the 'we' that I wonder about. Who is 'we'? In my market,
> there is no 'we', only 'me'....anything that needs to be done is my
> responsibility. The vendors want nothing to do with the running of the
> market.
> Lynn Wigglesworth

You are what is known as a "willing worker", you are willing to do stuff, 
and the others are willing to let you! But dont feel alone, it is a fact 
that in all groups and organizations that more than 90% of the work is done 
by less than  5% of the people. If you have a group that can support itself, 
and has enough labor for a special event than you are doing well.

If you want to find out just what any organization is made up of and willing 
to do just PO everybody and let them come and settle things at the next 
meeting, if folk dont show up for planning and doing...........they are not 
mad enough!


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