[Market-farming] raccoon strategies

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Mon Jun 25 18:34:25 EDT 2007

> We are at out wits end and wanting any and all ideas you all might have to
> catch raccoons and/or keep them out of the chicken house.

Fifty plus years ago we used to raise 2000 day old chicks to layers each 
year by starting them in brooder houses and then moving outdoors for the 
The key to predation prevention is to have a secure place for the chickens 
that the killers cant get in; that means a structure that is clad in 1/2 
inch mesh hardware cloth. And I mean not one inch can be left unportected, 
cause weasles, rats, mink, foxes and others are all smarter, and hungrier 
than we are; then you can lock the birds up at night and sleep well. While 
you are trapping racoons some other guy will be in your coop, so make it 
secure first.


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