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What kind of community/local government support do other Farmers Markets

>>>>Not a whole lot, except for our share of advertising dollars available from the state dept of ag  for all farmers' markets. 

Who finds the location for the market? 

>>>>We (the farmers) do.

Who finds vendors?

>>>>We do, with a little help from a couple of individual ag agents, not extension as a whole.

 Who pays for signs, insurance, advertising? 

>>>>We do - with some grant support from the county (competitive) and the state - most at a 50% match and we do all of the ad campaign planning.

Who organizes all of this? 

>>>We did and still do - in our fourth season this year.  And, to be frank, if you  want a farmers' market that is for farmers, it is probably necessary.  Most government entities have no earthly idea how a FARMERS' market should function.  Our by-laws mandate a majority of farmers on the board.  

What role does the local government, cooperative extension, farm agencies, etc.

>>>>Virtually none - for the above cited reasons - they don't know enough about it - think resellers are great, want to be year-round (in zone 7), all week (when do you plant and harvest),  want to promote the market as a place to buy "cheap produce", etc. Oh, and the city "unofficially" exempted us from city taxes.

I'm curious about how it SHOULD work in areas that have good
community support.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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