[Market-farming] raccoon strategies

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Mon Jun 25 12:23:40 EDT 2007

I second the vote for a great pyr. mine even watches the skies and will chase off hawks that fly too low. he chases vultures, too, even though i'm not sure they'd bother the chickens. but the chickens get upset whenever they see a shadow of any sort passing overhead, so i guess he takes his cues from them. he wanted to play with them when he was a pup, but fussing him about it quickly nipped that in the bud and now he can be trusted with the chickens all the time. i live way out in the ozarks where predators are plenty and without this dog i'm sure i'd have lost a bunch by now. my chickens are not even caged or locked at night. that dog is worth his weight in gold!

Roxann, NW AR, zone 6a

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