[Market-farming] raccoon strategies

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Mon Jun 25 10:43:29 EDT 2007

How sad and expensive, Joan.  The only thing (over the past 8 years) I found 
to protect my poultry (ducks, chickens, turkeys) was a Great 
Pyrenees....though the poultry had to be fenced into smaller inner pasture 
with chicken wire over the top of their pens, since he played with them as 
though they were his goats (the goats could put him in his place, but not 
the ducks, etc.) and the poultry didn't survive his play.

I have also used the Premier poultry fencing, but only for ducks, as my 
chickens and turkeys could fly over it.

With the Great Pyr I did not loose a single animal...even the "feral" 
chickens roosting in the woods seemed safe for several years.....though they 
were not in the pasture with the dog.   Once I moved from the farm with the 
dog, the feral chickens were killed within a few weeks.

nan, formerly of dancing goats farm 

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