[Market-farming] raccoon strategies

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Mon Jun 25 10:27:09 EDT 2007

Sorry to hear of your terrible losses!

When I use a live trap, the best bait I have found is marshmellows.  I put 
one or two in a line towards the trap opening and then toss another two into 
the back of the trap.  I have trapped coons, skunks, ground hogs, and 
possums with marshmellows.

Several years ago, when the coons were bad in our vineyard, someone told me 
to put a radio out there at night.  Said that coons don't like people and 
noise.  I took a boom box out and tuned in some all night talk show and 
turned it off during the day.  Did this until I could get all the grapes 
picked.  I think it helped but it was hard to really tell if it did any 

Good luck!

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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