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You could get a big piece of canvas - you can buy it at some fabric stores, places that do work for boats, and art stores, (people who make their own canvases, or want to do huge pieces buy it).  You can paint the canvas either a solid color or with a design, and then seal it so it won't get dirty.  I've never heard of this before either, I thought grass was meant to be walked on.  Anyway, hope this helps.

Rose Hill Plantation
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  Hi everyone. I am joining a new Farmers market in July and they require grass protection for the entire space. They want carpet or other suitable material, but not fake plastic grass. I am at a loss at what to have. I am allergic to latex, which is on the backing of most carpet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have never seen this before and just don't know what to get. 

  Thank you all very much. 

  Sue Wells

  Farmer Sue




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