[Market-farming] West Coast Tomato Weaving?

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We do this.

2 or 3 plants between each stake.

Cut a 3' piece of tubing or 3' dowel with an small eye bolt at each end [
must be smooth and have no gap for twine to bind in ] 

Attach tomato twine  box [rainflow] to your belt.

Thread twine through pipe, or eye hooks.

Tie to end stake.

Now weave between each plant.

Wrap the twine once and only once around stake when you get to it.

Weave the same way in each section.

Tie off at the end stake then come back down the row the opposite way you
went so each plant has twine passing on the other side to hold it in place.
The twine should cross between each plant. It does not have to be too tight.

We make one run [up then back] each foot of plant growth. Don't leave it too
late or a wind will snap off growth above the last run.

Once you get the rhythm, timing and action right you will find it very
secure and fast.

At the end of the season: 

Cut all the twine on the first stake.

Go to the second and gather all the runs of twine in your non cutting hand
then cut right next to the stake then pull the twine through the TOMs,
repeat at each stake until you have removed all the twine. This is why it is
important to only wrap the twine once around each stake at the beginning of
the season, any more than that and the twine wont let go.

I hope that helps.





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Regards to the list:


Did someone mention something about West Coast Tomato Weaving? Our tomatoes
are getting out of hand and I've never done weaving. Can someone tell me
where to get detailed instructions on this? 




Marie in Missouri



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