[Market-farming] Garlic Curing and Storage

Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 17 21:07:16 EDT 2007

How do folks in humid areas cure and store garlic if you're not selling it 
right away?

I first learned growing garlic on CSA farms in Oregon; there's dry summers 
there, so curing the garlic  was no problem, we'd hang the garlic up in 
barns and then take it down to clean it as needed for the weekly pickups.

When I was in Missouri, we had humidity, but we had a large walk-in cooler 
that we could store the garlic in soon after we'd cured it.

Now I'm in Virginia, and again having the humidity... but this time we don't 
have a large enough walk-in to store garlic.  Last summer we kept fans 
blowing on the garlic all July and August while it cured out in a big 
storage shed.  The garlic kept in good shape... but it dried down more than 
usual, and running the fans all summer used a lot of electricity.  (Less 
than a walk-in though!)

Any advice muchly appreciated!
Ken Bezilla
Acorn Community Farm
Mineral, VA

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