[Market-farming] slow squash

Kelly Saxer kellysaxer at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 16 17:31:44 EDT 2007

With poor pollination you get a small squash (1-3 inches long and thin)...at 
this point the female flower usually opens up and waits to be pollinated.  
If it's pollinted, the squash will continue to grow to full size.  If it 
fails to receive pollination, the small squash with just shrivel up.

Desert Roots Farm
Queen Creek, Arizona

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>If you have lots of young squash, I would think the pollination
>already took place. Has it been cool in your area? Squash slows down
>when it is cool, and really grows fast ( need to pick every day fast)
>when it is warm. Normally we pick every other day. But, it has been
>raining and cool so we back off to every 3rd day or so.
>Today, it's back in the mid 80's so I bet I have a pick out there
>waiting for me.
>Carla in Oklahoma
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