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I experienced this when I picked the male squash blossoms to sell - leaving the female to mature.  They did not.  I am in agreement - it is a pollination problem.  Pat

Bill Shoemaker <wshoemak at inil.com> wrote:    > > > Hi, all-- >   > Hope you can help me figure this out. I've got healthy, vigorous > straightneck and crookneck squash plants, with lots of young squash and good > blossoms, but I can't get many of the squash  to mature to full size. > They've had plenty of irrigation and are in good soil. Any idea why they won't > grow out? >   > --Dave in W.Va.
    I suspect Kelly is right, lack of pollenizers (bees) is why your squash aren't growing out. Are they in a tunnel? You can buy a bumblebee nest in a box and mount it in the tunnel. Bees will visit squash and pumpkin blossoms but they prefer many other wild flowers so anything you can do to promote pollenizers on your farm will improve fruit set on crops.

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