[Market-farming] Drip tape

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Fri Jun 15 10:56:09 EDT 2007

All brands should work on a slope of 3-4% and should hold uniform pressure 
for 400'. The emitter design ensures the pressure will eqilibrate and 
delivery will be the same up and down the row. Moving it is a little tricky. 
Usually you must buy so much that it's better to just lay it out where you 
need it and not try to move it. A supplier you might want to check out is 
Drip Works. You can find them with a search engine.

Bill Shoemaker, Sr Research Specialist, Food Crops
University of Illinois - St Charles Horticulture Research Center

> Ive not used any irrigation tape in the past, but am looking into it.
> I am wondering if there are some brands which will work on slopes of 3 -4 
> %.
> I do about everything in 50 foot long rows so I could use more headers,
> would these help the out of level situation?
> Most years we get rain about as needed, but about 1 year in five it would
> help to do some watering. Can drip tape be laid beside rows of established
> crops, like beets or carrots, and, could it them be moved to other rows, 
> or
> would it just get torn up in the process?
> MAsteveINE
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